Leave your Exhal cap like the first day with a simple wash.


The main materials that make up Exhal caps are 100% cotton and 100% acrylic. Both materials require the same cleaning process. So we can clean the entire cap following the same steps.


The inside of the visor is made of a plastic material, so we can wet the cap with water without fear of it deforming.


There are two ways to clean your Exhal cap to keep it looking like new. Choose the one that best suits you at all times.


Method 1: Wash it by hand, with care:


It is the best way to leave your Exhal like the first day. We recommend that you always clean your caps by hand. This way, you can ensure that the cap will hold its shape and color much better. The hand washing process is simple, but you must take into account a series of steps.







1.Always use cold water. Either to remove a localized stain or to clean the entire cap. Hot water can cause the cap to shrink.

2.Fill a clean sink or bucket with cold water.

3.Submerge the cap in the bucket to wet it (it is not necessary to soak it, it is enough to moisten it) and then take it out to clean localized stains. You can use a textile stain remover to remove any stains on the cap. Gently scrub the stains with a brush (you can use a toothbrush).

4.Once this is done, add a tablespoon of chlorine-free detergent to the bucket or sink full of water, and place the cap in it. Let the cap soak for an hour.

5.Once this soaking time has elapsed, rinse the cap with cold water to remove all detergent. Avoid squeezing the cap so it doesn't get deformed.

6.Allow to air dry, with a towel rolled up inside the cap to help maintain its shape (change towel if too damp).


Method 2: Put it in the washing machine, let the machines work:

If you don't have time to hand wash your hat, you can throw it in the washing machine. Don't worry, Exhal caps can be washed in the washing machine without being damaged. But if you're worried about materials or colors and want peace of mind, we recommend washing your cap by hand.


To use the washing machine it is important that you follow these steps.


1.Place your cap in a reusable mesh washing machine bag to protect it (if you don't have one you can use a pillowcase).

2.Use a detergent that does not contain chlorine. And add a little softener (but not much, a tablespoon).

3.Do not put more clothes with the cap. If you have more caps, take advantage and wash several at the same time.

4.Put the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. You can use the delicates cycle if your washing machine has it.

5.Allow to air dry with a towel rolled up inside the cap to help maintain its shape (change towel if too damp). Do not tumble dry, hot air can cause the cap to burn or shrink.


 Recommendation: Clean your cap from time to time, either because it has a stain or to remove traces of dirt and sweat. Always look flawless.



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