In the market we can find a wide variety of caps. Different models, styles and above all qualities. Many clothing brands bring out a cap model as a complement to their collections. And there are several brands of caps exclusively that flood the market with a wide variety of models.

Of course, within everything that we can find, the existing offer gives us the option of buying from the highest quality caps to disposable caps.

At Exhal we want to give you some advice so that you can identify at first glance if a cap is of quality or not, and thus do not fail in your purchase.




  • Hardness of the front: the front of the cap is the body of the cap, which defines its shape. It is very important that the front recover its original shape in the event that it is flattened. The best option is a reinforced front that ensures the cap maintains its shape over time.

  • Visor hardness: the visor of any cap comes with a certain shape (flat or curved), but we can always modify it to our liking. We can buy a flat visor cap and curve it (making a curved visor flat is very complicated). The quality of the visor of our cap depends on how much it costs us to modify its shape. A quality visor will return to its original shape faster, and if we want to modify it we will have to keep the shape we want for a while so that it is permanent (with rubber bands, cups or other methods).

  • Visor seams: the fabric that covers the visor is joined by parallel seams between them, which prevent the fabric from detaching from the visor. There are caps that have from 3 to 10 lines of seam. Those that have between 5 and 8 lines are considered a quality cap. Those with more lines are usually placed for aesthetics not for quality.

  • Symmetrical seams: the finishes of a cap indicate their quality. A good indicator of quality is the stitching we have throughout the cap. Make sure they are parallel, straight and do not jump the points.



  • Interior seam reinforcements: the interior part of the cap is not visible, but it is an essential part when it comes to knowing if a cap is of quality. The union reinforcements of the different parts of the cap must be well sewn and straight.

  • Embroidery: the details make the difference. If we want to know if a cap is made with the highest quality, we have to look at what makes it different from the others. Embroidery, whether direct or patch, must be clean and defined.

  • At Exhal we take care of the details so that your cap lasts for many years and accompanies you in everything you do. Quality is not an option, it is an obligation for us.



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