Do you wear a cap to hide your hair loss or does your hair fall out because you wear a cap? The idea that wearing a cap every day increases the chances of going bald is widespread, mainly due to the opinion that wearing a cap does not allow the scalp to breathe. But we already told you that this is a myth... and we'll tell you why.

What happens if you wear a cap every day?

There are many experts and studies that certify that the use of the cap does not produce alopecia. This is because the use of the cap does not influence the access of oxygen to the follicles, since this oxygen arrives through the blood. What's more, the use of the cap should be mandatory for anyone with some degree of alopecia, since with the cap we avoid irreversible sun damage to the skin of the scalp and protect the follicles. Therefore, if you wear a cap every day, you are protecting your hair!


Why does my hair fall out?

The main reasons that trigger hair loss correspond to a hormonal component in 80%. But other factors such as stress, diet and hair hygiene can accelerate this process.

An important recommendation is not to wear the cap too tight, look for elastic caps that fit your head. If when you take off your cap you see that there are hairs inside it, it is normal, on average we lose between 100 and 150 hairs a day. They are the same hairs that fall out when we scratch or wash our heads. We lose hair every day.

Can I wear a cap if I have had a hair transplant?

In the case of having received a hair transplant, experts recommend the use of the cap daily to protect the new follicles that are initially small and vulnerable. The cap is a protective element for our hair, and you should use it daily if you want to keep your hair perfect. We could say that wearing a cap protects us from going bald.

Wearing a cap before and after a hair transplant will help you increase the chances of treatment success.



Can cheap caps damage my hair?

This is very important: the cap you use must be of very good quality. The materials and dyes used in the manufacture must be the best, to avoid possible problems. At Exhal we make sure that our caps are manufactured with the highest quality standards and with the best materials so that you feel calm, your hair breathes and that it doesn't squeeze you. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, there is an Exhal for every moment.

Above all, protect yourself from the sun.

Whether you have a lot of hair, receding hair, a bald spot or are completely bald, it is very important that you protect your head from the sun. It does not matter whether it is winter or summer, ultraviolet rays can be very harmful to our scalp, causing burns and favoring hair loss. To avoid this, always use sun protection and a cap so that the sun does not burn your head.


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