las gorras más famosas del cine. Mcflay luce su gorra en la pelicula regreso al futuro.


Caps have been present in the cinema on many occasions, helping to define the personality of many characters, and some of us will always remember them with their cap on.






These are the six most iconic hats in cinema:


Marty McFly's hat (Back to the Future II, 1989)


The protagonist (Michael J. Fox) of one of the most iconic trilogies in cinema history, wore one of the best-known hats in his second film.

Marty McFly used the cap to impersonate his son so that he would not be recognized. A colourful, futuristic and iconic cap.


Forrest Gump's Hat (Forrest Gump, 1994)


Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks, had a life full of unique moments. One of them was founding the "Bubba Gump Shrimp" fishing company. From there came one of the most iconic caps in cinema. With her Forest made many of her milestones during the film. One of the most desired and unmistakable caps in the history of cinema.



Wayne's Cap (Wayne's World, 1992)


One of the most representative comedy films of pop culture. And a mythical scene. Wayne (Mike Myers) and his colleagues performing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car. Impossible not to notice the iconic black cap that the protagonist wears with the title of the film.



Yo, El Halcón 's cap (Over the top, 1987)


Sylvester Stallone is the Falcon, a truck driver who is reunited with his son and enters an arm-wrestling contest in Las Vegas. A mythical movie from the 80s, full of action, testosterone and tough guys. In it Stallone wears the toughest hat in the cinema, a trucker cap in the purest American style.


Garry Unwin's Cap (Kingsman, 2014)


The Kingsman saga is full of action. In them Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton) fights to save the world with his hat on his head.

It should also be mentioned that in the first installment of the saga, Samuel L. Jackson plays the villain, Richmond Valentine. Always dressed elegantly and with his flat cap always on his head, either forward or sideways.


The Caps of Los Chicos del Barrio (Boyz N Hood, 1991)


“Boyz N the Hood” was the film that established rapper Ice Cube as a true movie actor. A story of the six boys from Compton, the beginning of Gangsta Rap in Los Angeles.

Flat caps are present throughout the film on the heads of all the characters. Pure Hip Hop culture.

These are some of the most iconic caps in cinema to date, surely some of them escape us. Send us a message through Instagram @exhalbrand and let us know which one we added to the list.

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