In today's fashion, there are many clothing brands that have caps in their collections, as accessories.

There are also cap brands exclusively. These are the brands that bet on this garment that we are so passionate about. Cap marks in capital letters.

At Exhal we love caps, and we want you to know which are the brands that have inspired us to create the Exhal cap, and that strive to make caps a timeless garment.

New Era caps: the quintessential cap brand. The American brand has been manufacturing caps (snapback and baseball) since 1920. It has become a benchmark in urban culture (lifestyle and hip hop) and in the world of sports (it owns the rights to all the teams in the NBA, NFL, NBL, NHL...). Every cap lover has a New Era at home.


Goorin Bros Caps : We all know the animal patch trucker caps (Animal Farm Cap). A historic American brand that has been making hats since 1895, which revolutionized the fashion of trucker hats. All the famous people in the world have their cap with an animal.


Black Clover caps : the clover brand, founded in 2008 in the US, has positioned itself as the baseball-style cap with a curved visor in the golf world. Bright colored caps that symbolize good luck.






Oblack caps : the black sheep. Their trucker-style caps are sold throughout Europe. The Spanish brand, founded in 2016, manufactures high-quality designer caps with its characteristic patch.


The Indian Face caps : the Spanish brand that has been selling its trucker caps throughout Europe for more than 15 years. Trucker caps with patches of different designs.


Trakavant caps : new brand of Spanish trucker caps. It began its activity in 2021. It stands out for its designs with Scottish plaid fabrics. Pure lumberjack style.


Exhal caps: the creative brand of the winter cap. The only cap/cap currently in existence. Founded in 2021 in Spain, its flat and curved visor designs with striking colors set trends in urban fashion.



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